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Emergency Well Hand Pump Kit

#1  Most Popular & Affordable  - Over 5,000 Kits Sold


  DON'T Pay $500 To $1,500 OR MORE

         For An Emergency Well Hand Pump.


Order Our EZ Well Hand Pump Kit For 1/2 The Cost...


 See Our Affordable Kit Price Now


Please Note: This Is NOT A Well DRILLING Kit...Our Kit Is For EXISTING Wells.

We Developed A Different Kind Of Hand Well Pump

The Ultra Slim Hand Well Pump

Uses Only 1" Pipe In Your Well

Featured On The 2012 Hit TV Series Doomsday Preppers


  Our Powerful Hand Pump Kit Does It All:
  We Offer One Kit That Works For Deep OR Shallow Water Wells.
  Our Powerful Pump Piston (pictured above) Can Be Used To Pump Water From 5', Down To 125' Static Water Level. (Static Water Level Is From Ground Level Down To Water Level In Your Well Pipe). Total Well Depth Is Not Important.

Our 1" Ultra Slim Water Well Hand Pump Is Smallest In Diameter. Unlike The Larger And Heavier 1-1/4" Outer Casing Pipe Used With Other Hand Pumps On The Market, Our Smaller 1" Ultra Slim Well Hand Pump Fits Easily Into 99% Of Wells, (2", 4", & 6") Without Getting Hung Up In Your Well During Installation.

  Pumps 3 to 5 Gallons Per Minute...Compared To Only 1 GPM For Those New Soft Plastic Flexible Coil Hose Pumps advertised on the market, what I call (Squirt Pumps).
  PLUS, Our Hand Pump Won't Degrade or Crack In A Few Years.
  Extremely Light Weight, Example: A Heavy 1-1/4" 150 ft. Pump Weighs Over 100 lbs, Compared To Our 1" Ultra Slim Well Hand Pump Weighing Only 35 lbs.

See Weight Comparison Photos Below

  100% Freeze Proof
  Detachable Security Pump Handle Design
  1 Person Installation In Most Cases,
  Compared To 3 To 4 People Needed With The Heavier 1-1/4" Hand Pumps On The Market.
  Easy To Remove Hand Pump If You Relocate.


  Totally Maintenance Free: No Leather Or Rubber Seals To Ever Change.


  EZ Well Hand Pumps Are Tough & Dependable.  
  Our Well Pump Will Last A Lifetime  Your Grandkids Might Be Using This Well Hand Pump
  What If I Don't Want To Install Right Away? That's Okay. In fact, a vast majority of our customers (Over 75%) don't install their EZ well hand pump right away and simply store everything for an emergency. In these troubling times it's better to have a kit on hand than not.


  STEP BY STEP instructions with close up photos

and detailed description of what to do from start to finish.

  Great Phone Support - 6 Days A Week, 9 am to 5 pm Central Time.




NOTE: If Your Well Static Water Level In Your Well Pipe Is 125' Deep Or Less, My Powerful Well Hand Pump System Is The Perfect Affordable Solution. Total Well Depth Is NOT Important. 

Read Important Details Below

HOW IT WORKS...How Our Kits Save You Money.

We Supply:  Our Fully Assembled High Pressure Pump Piston, All The Fittings For Your Hand Pump And The Detachable Security Pump Handle And Fittings.

You Supply: Your PVC Pipe From Home Depot Or Lowes For Just Pennies A Foot. You Save Very High Shipping Costs By Buying Your Pipe Locally.


See My EZ Hand Pump In Action  

See EZ Way To Measure Your Static Water Level  

See Reviews and Pump Photos Of Satisfied Customers 

See Frequently Asked Questions  


Available Only In The Lower 48 States

Buy Factory Direct & SAVE - Made In USA

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Important: Our Custom Check Valve Produces 3 to 4 Times More Water) Than Most Other Emergency Hand Pumps On The Market.

Simply Watch And Compare Our Competitors Demonstration Videos And You'll See The Huge Difference In Water Flow...

Some, Like Those New Soft Plastic Flexible Coil Hose Pumps advertised on the market, what I call (Squirt Pumps) barely put out any water at all...ONLY 1 Gallon Per Minute Compared To Our 3 To 5 GPM. They are adequate for drinking water ONLY, but that wouldn't be enough water for your family in a long term emergency power outage.

I Know From Personal Experience - You'll Need More Water Than That Everyday.

You'll Need More Water Than You Realize.

In a long term Power Outage, (like my family went through with no power for 6 weeks after Hurricane Rita hit the Texas Gulf Coast in 2005) believe me, you'll need more than a few gallons of daily drinking water...

You'll need to cook, wash dishes, wash clothes, bathe the kids, water the garden etc...In Addition To Drinking Water. You Get The Idea.

You Need A Hand Pump That Can Do The Job...


Detachable Pump Handle Design

For Security & Discreet Pump Concealment From Prying Eyes.

Your Security Well Pump Handle Is Included With Your Kit.




A Few Of Our "Happy Camper" Customers

See Satisfied Customer Reviews With Photos  >



Our New Smaller Diameter Hand Pump Kits Require Smaller Outer Casing Pipe That Will Cost You Less Than The Heavier 1 1/4" Schedule 40 PVC Pipe Commonly Used With Other Hand Pump Kits On The Market.

This Makes A Huge Difference In Your Total Hand Pump Cost.

The Smaller 1" Pipe Below Is Much Lighter, Easier To Install... And Cheaper.

It's light as a feather.

Our 150' Hand Pump Weighs  Only 35 lbs, Compared To Over 100 lbs With Other Heavier 1  1/4" Well Hand Pump Kits.

Anyone Can Do This

Here Are The Only Tools You'll Need - THAT'S IT!!

This is my E-Z Water Deep Well Hand Pump that I designed and built after Hurricane Rita in 2006 and it's still going strong after all this time.

My E-Z Water Hand Well Pump

John Tatman, E-Z Water Hand, Well Pump


Our Hand Well Pump Piston Is Totally MAINTENANCE FREE - NO Leather Or Rubber Piston Cup Seals To Wear Out Or Rot. 100% FREEZE PROOF


Our E-Z Well Hand Pump Piston has a Ultra slim profile of 1 5/8" at the connecting couplers (you will need only 1 5/8" clearance from ground level down to water) and it uses only 1" pipe that goes into your well, with a 1/2" Pumping pipe. It's a pipe within a pipe system.

The Pump Cylinder is approximately 3' long and can fit easily into a 2" well casing as a stand alone hand pump, or into most 4" or 6" well casings along with your existing submersible pump. The E-Z Pump System will pump around 3 to 5 gallons per minute at a moderate pumping rate. This will depend on your pumping speed.

The Piston Is The Most IMPORTANT Part Of Any Hand Pump. Ours has state of the art design with no leather OR rubber seals to wear out or rot in just a few years.  Our Pump Piston gives you a lifetime of reliable and maintenance free service. Drop it in your deep well and forget about it until you need it...even 20 years from now.

Our Check Valve Is Custom Made In Our Shop...  

It Is Designed For Maximum Flow Up To The Pump Handle Outlet, Which Means MUCH EASIER Pumping And  More Water Per Stroke. Plus It's Totally Maintenance Free!


 The Foot Valve is Solid Brass with a solid brass poppet and heavy duty neoprene 'O' ring as the seal and a stainless steel strainer.

It will last forever!  Lead Free Solid Brass



I'll guide you from start to finish in the assembly and installation of your new E-Z system. We're Available 6 Days A Week

John Tatman, E-Z Water Well Hand Pump

 Have A Kit On Hand Before You Need It,

Your Family Is Depending On You To Be Prepared.


 See Our Affordable Kit Prices Now


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