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Customer Reviews With Photos

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With over 7,000 kits sold, here are just a few happy customers

out of the many hundreds that were installed across the U.S.

 Over 75% of our customers simply store their kit until needed. Our EZ Emergency Well Pump Kit installs in about an hour.


Rob from Nevada





We LOVE our new EZ pump here in Vermont!  Thanks to your terrific instructions, the installation was a snap.

We now have great peace of mind that in a power outage or other disaster, we’ll be assured of clean, fresh water in all circumstances.  Thanks, John, for a great idea and a wonderful product!

Yours sincerely, Pete


We just finished installing our EZ hand pump. I went 60 feet down and had it installed in about an hour. I was truly amazed at how easy it is to pump water, I can pump water with one hand. My wife is getting tired of me showing it off to all our friends. I want to thank you for the peace of mind I have, knowing in a power failure I can pump water. Thanks again.  Tim

Hi John, The water is real crystal clear. I'm about 75 to 80 feet down with the hand pump about 25 to 30 feet in the water with a 4 inch well. It works great! Thanks for such a great product!
God Bless, Bruce, SC


Hey John,
Here are a few pictures of the EZ Well Water Pump I installed today. It took a friend and I about 60 minutes to install it and start pumping water. I feel a lot safer now in power failures and other natural or man made problems that would cause me not to be able to get water from my well. I have a 250ft well. It has water up to about 40 ft below ground level. That is a lot of water but no good to you if you can't get it out. Thanks to EZ Well Pump I don't have to worry about water in a emergency anymore!! Thanks John for a great and affordable well water pump kit.  Ken S.


What a great idea and product!
I would like to tell you that my experience installing your EZ pump was actually fun. The ease in getting the water flowing is amazing. I hope we never have to fully depend on manually pumping our water but if we do we will be better off than most in an emergency situation.Thank you, Mike in Pennsylvania.

Amazing...Thanks to the EZ flow piston, detailed instructions and very reliable phone support for a few questions the install was a breeze, after the "80 feet of pipe was installed it only took 5 stroke to get water....I couldn't believe it. I definitely recommend this to anyone who wants a reliable source of water from your well if there are power outages...really gives you peace of mind...I'm not a doomsday junky but as we know NASA has predicted solar flares for 2012 and running into 2013...if there is a major outage due to this, there will be no problem here getting water....thanks to John, the EZ flow pump and detailed instructions anyone can do this.
Don't waste any time, install this today, Scott. North Carolina


Thank You John!

EZ Water Well Hand Pump for letting us become self sufficient.
 In just a few hours my Wife and I installed it ourselves, with the simple online instructions, saving hundreds of dollars compared to other hand pump systems and having to pay a professional to install it.
Water is the magic liquid that allows all things to live. 
Especially out here in the Arizona desert. 
 If the grid goes down out here for any length of time, the outcome is grim for those who didn't prepare.
 We can now relax knowing that if things get bad, we will have all the water we need at our finger tips!

Chet, Arizona


Thanks for a wonderful product.

I have your older system that's been installed for 3 years now. I can go to it anytime and after 5 strokes I have water. Mine runs down 94 feet and my friend that has your newer pump runs 50 feet. Thanks again. Brent


Mr Tatman: Your pump got installed last Sat. and as the picture of my wife shows it working very nice.

A happy customer Bob, Montana 


The EZ Water Well Hand Pump came with directions that were easy to follow. Everything went together just as John said it would. When a question did come up, John was right there and just a phone call away and was very helpful. Shipping was very fast. This hand well pump has taken a huge stress off our minds because now we know we will always have fresh, clean water no matter what happens. Thanks John!!!! Dan

My family and I are extremely pleased with the purchase of the EZ-Pump.  It is an amazing feeling to know that we don't *have* to rely on electricity, or on the city's supply, or anyone else for our water.  Plus, it's an awesome feeling to know that I did it myself.  I made the pump work.

I recommend this product to anyone who wants to have an independent, self sufficient water delivery method.  All you need is a well, and you can do the rest.  I'm  living proof.  If I can do it, anyone can do it!!  Steve H. Virginia



Here's a photo to show the well is installed and working.  Thanks for your help via phone during installation. Clif


We put the pump into our well yesterday and it works GREAT!  I am so thankful that I found you on line. It is a relief to know that if we lose power for the electric pump, for whatever reason,  we will still have water for ourselves and for the farm critters. Also, you were very supportive, telling us to email or call if we had any problems installing. It actually was quite easy to install. Thank you! Bill and Patti, Oklahoma


Kenneth C.




All is good...Thank you for a very ingenious setup...The 1 inch was perfect....

Craig from MI



It works GREAT. Not much effort in pumping either.

Thanks again, and nice job on the pump design. It does everything you said it would.

 You go WAY above and beyond in the customer service department. You are a pleasure to do business with! I'll highly recommend your company to friends and family. Sam G. PA



Hello John, Great Product!

My wife and I installed your pump system this weekend and we could not be happier! It works GREAT! Because my well is located at the bottom of an incline and my static level was only 25' we decided to assemble the 60' on the ground then feed it down the slope and into the well. It's a nice feeling knowing we can have water at anytime. There is one thing my wife does not like about it, I have to show EVERYONE who stops by how well it works!Thanks Again, Ron and Holly, Upstate NY

John,  Completed the installation yesterday and everything works as it should.  What a amazing backup system for us. 

We tried it out and it worked great!  Well worth the investment and gives us much security that we will have water when we need it.... Excellent invention.  Thanks for all your assistance Hank L., TX.



Works Great!!!

Dan C. ID



Richard U.

West Virginia



Pumps As Smooth As Silk,

 Thank You John For A Great Product.


72 year old Lynn G. from Washington state, installed our hand pump in a 100 year old well/seep-cistern alone without help. She fabricated everything from scratch. I think she did a fantastic job. John Tatman

Hi John, 

These photos of my recent installation of your pump on my more than 100 year old well/ seep-cistern.  As I stated I am 72 years old and did the installation myself with little problem and a lot of help from the Lord.  It pumps water easily as you said.  I am well pleased as I live remotely, off the grid in Washington state near the Columbia River Gorge. Lynn G.    Washington



Dan In VA.

Installed in a concrete well.



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