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Frequently Asked Questions

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How Deep Will The EZ Well Hand Pump Work? Well depth is not important. It's the static water level in your well pipe that is important (from ground level down to water). My system is recommended to 125' static water level. Example: my well is 350' deep but my water level is only 37' from the surface.
How Do I Measure My Static Water Level? See How >>
Which EZ Hand Pump Do I Order? Our pump piston works down to a depth of 150' or 125' Static Water Level. The piston itself needs to be about 20' to 25' below the water depth (Static Water Level) in your well pipe. With That In Mind, If You Have A Static Water Level Of 75', Order The 100' Kit.
What is the difference between the kits?  Is it only the number of coupler connectors or is the pump more powerful for a deeper well? The pumps look the same but each is adjusted for the proper depth. The 25’ kit won’t work at 150’ deep...The 150' kit will work at any shallower depth.
Many customers order a deeper kit to get a stronger piston for a shallower well in case of drought or any future change in the static water level. Recommended if you're concerned about this.
Will The EZ Hand Pump Fit In My Well? Let's put it this way, if my Skinny Pump won't fit, no hand pump will fit. It's the smallest on the market with only 1 5/8" in diameter at the widest point at the couplers and uses only 1" pipe (1 3/8" OD) that goes down in your well. I designed it to fit into 99% of wells.
Can The EZ Hand Pump Be Connected To My Existing Pressure Tank? Yes it can...HOWEVER, I have a different opinion on this…Get a gravity tank. Let’s face it, every time you turn on a faucet, you lose pressure. You’ll be pumping several times a day to maintain it. With a 30 to 50 gal gravity tank…fill it up every few days and forget it. We went without power for 6 weeks after Hurricane Rita in 2005 and again for 2 weeks after Hurricane Harvey near Beaumont TX. Believe me…I had more important things to do than trying to keep the pressure up in a water tank. Gravity is the best way to go. From personal experience...Good advice.
Do I Have To Remove My Submersible Pump To Install The EZ Hand Pump? No need to remove your pump. The EZ well pump actually fits beside your wiring and any piping in your well casing and above your submersible pump.
Can I Install The EZ Hand Pump In A Well House? Yes indeed, I have detailed instructions for this type of installation.
Can One Person Install The EZ Hand Pump? In many cases yes. This is one reason why I designed the Skinny Pump. Of course, in deeper wells you might want an extra pair of hands.
What Makes The EZ Hand Pump Freeze Proof? There is a 1/16" hole in the pumping pipe just below your freeze line to let the water drain...Completely Freeze Proof.
Can I Use Threaded Couplers And Just Screw The PVC Pipe Together?
Good question, you can use threaded couplers, but I don't offer them because I don't trust them to stay secure. Example: we've tested them and they actually broke at the thinnest part of the threads with the up and down motion of the 1/2" pumping pipe. Also threaded piping in motion tend to work loose. Use them at your own risk.
On The Other Hand...When PVC cement is applied to the pipe/couplers, it welds the two pieces together much like a metal weld and becomes one solid piece of PVC...Personally, I want a solid piece of PVC pipe from top to bottom on my pump...with no worry about breaking or coming apart when my family is depending on safe drinking water.
Does A Replacement Well Cap Come With The Kit? In most cases, a replacement well cap isn't needed. Our Ultra Slim hand pump is designed so most folks can simply drill a 1 3/8" hole in their existing well cap, or I show you very low cost options (In most cases about $3 to $6 bucks) from Lowe's or Home Depot. I cover all this in detail in my instructions.
Some companies offer a flexible coiled tube type hand pump.  How does yours compare? Comparisons: Coiled Flex tube pump = 1 Gallon Per Minute ( with vigorous pumping) Our pump = 3 to 5 Gallons per minute. Actually the flexible tube hand pump breaks down in a few short years (rubber based hose)…Compare an old set of tires…dry rot. Also, have you noticed a garden hose degrading over time…yep, you have to buy another water hose. Our PVC pump won’t break down with age or cold weather.  Your grandkids will be using our pump.
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Can't find your answer here...Call my cell 1-409-554-3628  9 to 5 Central Time Mon thru Saturday, or email us