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#1 See Our Pump  Video

#2 Diagram Of How It Works In Your Well


Our EZ Well Hand Pump Produces 2 to 3 Times More Water) Than Most Other Emergency Hand Pumps On The Market.

Simply Watch And Compare Our Competitors Demonstration Videos And You'll See The Huge Difference In Water Flow...

Some, Like The New Soft Plastic Coil Hose Pumps, what I call (Squirt Pumps) barely put out any water at all...They are adequate for drinking water ONLY, but that wouldn't be enough water for your family in a long term emergency power outage.


Notice The  High Volume Of Water  And The "Slow & Easy" Pumping...

Compare Our Water Output, To Our Competitors Demonstration Videos...

No Comparison.



How Our Pump Works In Your Well.

Measure Your Static Water Level 

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