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We Developed A Different Kind Of Emergency Hand Well Pump

The Skinny Hand Well Pump

 Our Exclusive Design Uses Only 1" Pipe In Your Well,

The Smallest In Diameter, Lightest And Easiest To Install Emergency Well Pump On The Market.

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We're The Original Emergency EZ Well Hand Pump Since 2006

Hand Pump Seen On The Hit TV Series

Doomsday Preppers

You Are At The Right Place To Save A Bundle On An Emergency Well Hand Pump...Complete Kits Start At Only $129

Available Only In The Lower 48 States

Buy Factory Direct & SAVE - Made In USA


25', 50', 100', 125', 150' Even 175'

Please Note: We No Longer Use The

Heavy 1 1/4" Schedule 40 Pipe

That Is Commonly Used For Emergency Well Pumps On The Market Today. It's Too Heavy & Bulky & PRICEY...Compare With Our New Required Smaller Pipe On Right

1" On Right Is Much Lighter & Much Easier To Install...And Cheaper.

    IMPORTANT  Our New Smaller  Diameter Hand Pump Kits Require Smaller Outer Casing Pipe And Will Cost You 1/3 rd The Price Of The Heavier 1  1/4" PVC Pipe Commonly Used With Other Hand Pumps On The Market.   Only $1.49 per 10' section for the smaller outer casing pipe compared to $4.59 For The Heavier  1  1/4" Schedule 40 Piping Priced At My Local Home Depot . 

    Consider This When Calculating Your Total Hand Pump Cost.

ALSO: Sorry , We No Longer Offer The Optional Threaded Pipe Connecting Couplers That Screw The 10' Sections Of  PVC Pipe Together?

After Testing, the threaded Couplers connecting the 10' sections of pipe together tend to break at the threads, or work loose with the up and down motion of the pumping pipe. Not A Good Situation.

On The Other Hand...When PVC cement is applied to traditional Schedule 40 pipe/couplers, it welds the two 10' pipe sections together much like a metal weld and becomes one solid piece of PVC Pipe...Personally, I want a SOLID piece of PVC pipe from top to bottom...with no worry about threads breaking or coming apart when my family is depending on reliable life saving drinking water.

 The Skinny Pump

 Our Exclusive Design Uses Only 1" Pipe That Goes In Your Well



*Our NEW Skinny Pump Is The Smallest In Diameter Hand Pump On The Market.


*It's The Lightest And Easiest Well Hand Pump To Install.


*It's Light & Easy To Remove If You Relocate.


*It Fits Easily Next To Your Existing Electric Pump


*1 Person Installation In Most Cases.


*A Truly Portable Emergency Well Pump


*The EZ Well Hand Pump Is The Most Popular & Economical Emergency Well Hand Pump On The Market...

Over 400 Sold On eBay

Over 1,500 Sold Nationwide


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You Get Our "High Pressure" Pump Piston ,


You Supply The  PVC Pipe  & Fittings From Home Depot 

Build A Tough & Reliable  Emergency Well Hand Pump  For 1/4 The Cost 


Here's A Few Of Our 'Happy Camper' Customers




Will Your Family Have CLEAN & SAFE Drinking Water When The Lights Go Out ? If Not... Now Would Be A Good Time To Get Started On A New Well Hand Pump. 



Build A 25', 50', 100', 125', 150' Even 175' 

Emergency Well Hand Pump. 


Just Buy Your Pipe  & Fittings At Home Depot And Get Started

Compare With Our Original Well Hand Pump Piston...Much Smaller & Lighter 


Compare Our New Outer Casing Pipe... Much Smaller & Lighter


Pump Pipe Can Be Purchased At Home Depot Or Lowes For Pennies A Foot.



EXAMPLE: 100' Of  Well Hand Pump Casing Pipe Weighs Only 15 lbs...

100' Of 1/2" Hand Pump Pumping Pipe Weighs Only 17.5 lbs

Hand Pump Fittings Weigh About 1 lb


100' Hand Pump Weighs ONLY 35 lbs Including Hand Pump Piston 


Our original Well Hand Pump System used Heavy Schedule 40 PVC For The Outer Casing, (A 100' Well Pump With 1 1/4" And 1/2" Piping Weighs Almost 80 lbs,  Compared To Our New Ultra Slim Well Hand Pump System (Now Weighing Only 35 lbs)...


It was a struggle for some folks to install our original Well Hand Pump System due to the weight of all the heavy Schedule 40 pipe, especially at 50' or deeper...at times requiring 3 to 4 people To handle the piping and Install It properly...BUT NOT ANY LONGER...Now you don't need the whole neighborhood to help you install your new well hand pump...and in most cases...


One Person Can Install Our Well Pump...

Feather Light Piping Makes Our Hand Pump EZ To Install


If You've Ever Installed A PVC Well Hand Pump, You Know That Weight Is Important.


These Advantages Are VERY IMPORTANT..


#1. The Smaller 1" Outer Casing Pipe Fits Easily Into 99% Of Wells, Along Side Your Existing Electric Pump, Eliminating The Chance Of Getting Hung Up On Your Existing Pump Pipe Or Wiring During Installation. 

 #2. It's Much Easier To Install 35 lbs Versus  80 lbs Of Piping And It's Easily Removable If you Relocate.

#3 Your Pipe Will Cost You Less Than Half At Home Depot Or Lowes Than The Heavy Piping.



We're The First To Offer,


For Security & Discreet Pump Concealment From Prying Eyes.

Your Security Well Pump Handle Is Included


About Us

We Have Installed Over 350 Complete Well Pump Systems "Locally" In Our Area Since 2006 And Sold Over 1,000 Hand Well Pump On Our Website And eBay.

We're Here For You During Installation.. 







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Frequently Asked Well, Hand Pump







*Video SEE  MY PUMP IN ACTION And How It Works In Your Well. >>>

 Also See Testimonials With Well Pump Photos.

It Hand Pumps Water From 180' Deep, 

 *If Your Static Water Level In Your Well Pipe Is 150' Or Less, My Well  Pump System Is The Perfect Solution.  

Your Actual Total Well Depth Is Not Important.



 I'll show you with close up photos and detailed description of what to do from start to finish. It's Very Easy To Assemble And Install My Hand Well Pump, 

  We Are Available By Phone The Day You Install Your New Deep Well Hand Pump. Just In Case You Have Questions.


Here Are The Only Tools You'll Need To Install Your Hand Pump




You Will Also Need A DEEP WELL Hand Pump Cylinder


It's Simple: We Supply You The MOST IMPORTANT Part Of Any Well Hand Pump. Our State Of The Art High Pressure DEEP WELL Hand Pump Cylinder, For ONLY $79 

You'll Then Spend Between About $25 to $50 For PVC Pump Pipe & Fittings At Home Depot And You Can Build A Tough Reliable Deep Well Hand Pump In A Few Hours

 See An Example Of The Cost Of My Well Hand Pump System Below.

My Goal: I Simply Want You To Get A Tough And Reliable Emergency Well Hand Pump For Your Family As Cheap as possible.


Well Hand Pump Cost Estimate

Here's an example of what an average well hand pump would cost using my system:  

EXAMPLE: Say you have a well with a static water level in your well pipe that is very shallow. The cost of our 50' kit is $139. You'll need the pump foot valve to be at least 15' to 20' below your static water level. So with that in mind, you'll need a total of about 50' of PVC piping at a cost of about .32 cents a foot at Home Depot, that's about $16.00.  So the total cost of your "ready to use" well hand pump is $139+$16.00=$155

About $150 Bucks

for a complete hand pump in your well...

You've Done Your Homework, You've Been Shopping Around.

A Complete Hand Pump In Your Well For  About $150 Bucks  Simply Cannot Be Beat  ANYWHERE...



I personally guarantee you will be most pleased

with your new E-Z Water Well Hand Pump System.

Why Would You Want An Emergency Well Hand Pump In Your Well? Here's Why...

I know from a very personal experience that one should never depend on city water or the electric company. In 2005 after Hurricane Rita hit the Texas Gulf coast, we were without electricity for 6 full weeks and a sporadic drinking water supply. Believe me, it is not fun standing in a long line in the sweltering heat of summer trying to get a few bottles of clean drinking water for your family. I vowed then and there to make sure my family was never in that dangerous and possibly life threatening situation again, so I did something about it. I designed a hand well pump.

 After Our Ordeal With Hurricane Rita and after my 350' deep well was ready. I started looking for a well hand pump to buy. I couldn't find a hand pump for under $800 to $1,200. There had to be a better way. So I went to work and after 3 months of testing various hand pump piston designs, I came up with the best combination for a deep well hand pump piston. I don't know about you, but I wanted a well hand pump with a fairly high volume flow with no maintenance and absolutely no worry about reliability. Plus I wasn't about to pull the whole hand pump out of my well after 5 or so years, just to change leather piston cups. IT'S SIMPLE, I needed a hand well pump to pump water, EVERY TIME I need it to pump well water, even 20 years from now.

 This is my E-Z Water Well Hand Pump




 Our Well Hand Pump Piston Is Totally MAINTENANCE FREE - NO Leather Pump Piston Cups To Wear Out Or Rot And 100% FREEZE PROOF 



 Our E-Z Water Hand Pump Piston has a Ultra slim profile of 1 5/8" At the connecting couplers and uses only 1" pump pipe that goes into your well, with a 1/2" Pumping Handle. It's light as a feather and one person can install it in most cases.

The Hand Well Pump Cylinder is approximately 4' long and can fit easily into a 2" well casing, or into most 4" or 6" well casings along with your existing submersible well pump. The E-Z Hand Pump System will pump around 4 to 5 gallons per minute. This will depend on your pumping speed and your well recovery rate.


The Hand Well Pump Piston Is The Most IMPORTANT Part Of Any Deep Well Hand Pump. Ours well pump has state of the art design with no leather piston cups to wear out or rot in just a few years.  Our Well Hand Pump Piston gives you a lifetime of reliable and maintenance free service...even 20 years from now.
The Hand Pump Foot Valve is LEAD FREE Solid Brass with a solid brass poppet and heavy duty neoprene 'O' ring as the seal and a stainless steel strainer.

What If I Don't Want To Install My Hand Pump Right Away? That's Okay. In fact, over half of our customers don't install their hand well pump right away. They get all the necessary piping, fittings and PVC cement along with our detailed instructions and simply store everything for an emergency.


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What If I Don't Want To Install My Hand Pump Right Away? That's Okay. In fact, over half of our customers don't install their hand pump right away. They get all the necessary piping, fittings and PVC cement along with our detailed instructions and simply store your well pump for an emergency.

See How To Order & Measure Your Static Water Level In Your Well Pipe >>

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