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  Make an emergency water filter with items you probably already have around your home.
  I used this method for a few days until the Red Cross trucks got to us following Hurricane Rita in 2005.This is an easy way to filter lake, river or pond water. It gets the small particles out and cleans it up for drinking. Use any cloth like cotton, wool or polyester...cut in 3" strips and roll very tightly, especially when starting in the middle. It's important that you get a tight fit in the bottle and push the roll hard down to the bottle neck. To control flow, screw the bottle cap on all the way and then loosen it a little to allow a small water flow. After filtering use about 1/4 teaspoon of household bleach per gallon and stir. (one teaspoon for 5 gallons) Let it sit for 5 minutes until bleach smell goes away. You are good to go with safe water.

As seen above left, you can also use aquarium activated charcoal from Wal-Mart to eliminate any bad taste. Simply put a few tablespoons of charcoal in a clean sock, close with a rubber band and drop in water. The longer the charcoal is in contact with the water, the more bad stuff it can absorb. The water may have a slight charcoal taste at first...but you have safe water to drink.


This Is A Long Term Water Purifier



  Get any 3 gallon bucket with 2 lids. Make sure the bucket has a 2 within a triangle on the bottom...this is safe for drinking water. The bottom clear water container with spigot is from Wal-Mart.

Drill a 3/8" hole in bucket bottom and in one lid...attach filter to both as seen above right. Purchase the filters on eBay or Amazon...make sure they have activated charcoal inside.


  Make an highly efficient 12 volt air conditioner for when the lights go out and its hot. This Works Great...


The fan is a 12 volt Endless Breeze and the coils are a large (11" or 12") truck transmission coil.


You'll need about 8' of hose to fit transmission coil from the auto parts store. Don't use clear flexible tubing...it's not insulated.


You'll need a drain hose for coil condensation...use a small plastic tray to catch the condensation in a small container/pot...see above right

Battery connections


I've built several of these and the best and most efficient is this one.

The cooler can be purchased at Wal-Mart. The box is made from 1" silver backed insulation from Home Depot. Simply cut and attach corners/sides with black Gorilla tape. The Box is approximately 8" deep, 20" wide and 16" high. The fan is from Endless Breeze http://www.pplmotorhomes.com/parts/rv-converters/12-volt-fans.htm

This is a real AC using chilled water instead of Freon. It reduces the humidity in the air making it cooler. The small water circulating pump is a small 12 volt PC water cooling pump which can be purchased on eBay for about $10. The pump and fan are 12 volt and together pull about 3 amps with fan on high. Use solid ice, not cubes. Keep some frozen containers in your freezer. Fill the cooler  with block ice, THEN add water to about 1/4 full. You'll be amazed at the cool air this unit produces...Note: don't try to use regular AC coils...tubing is too small and fins are too close together restricting air flow. The fan and air flow is most efficient IN FRONT of the coils...not behind...I've tried many variations...this unit is the best.



  Fast emergency lighting for your home during a sudden black out.

  We used this lighting method for 6 weeks without power, following Hurricane Rita in 2005...
  I had an Aa Ha moment at Wal-Mart. A few days after Hurricane Rita, I went to Wal-Mart to get batteries, milk and bread...the shelves were empty...ALL the shelves were empty, no milk, no bread, no batteries...(THIS IS WHEN I BECAME A PREPPER)....I noticed a full pallet of yard lights in the garden department and had a Ah Ha moment...I purchased a dozen and removed the top and placed them on Mason jars. We would charge the yard lights during the day and bring them in at night for lighting. 2 or 3 per room and 1 in each  bathroom.  They worked great. I still keep them on hand.

Solar info…great learning site http://www.freesunpower.com/solarpanels.php

Food Calculator for 1 year http://lds.about.com/

Water barrels and food http://beprepared.com

eBay solar panels…read above freesunpower.com site before ordering. Made in USA Solar Panels https://www.ebay.com

12 volt fans…there’re great…I have 5… http://www.amazon.com/Fan-Tastic-

Wood stove…great little stove for 900 Sq.feet. You might find a better price…just make sure it’s from U.S. Stove…good brand…cheaper ones leak too much….BE SURE to cure it outside including stove pipe. Put in a safe area outside…connect stove pipe to top and start a big fire…It burns all the oils and paint off so it won’t smell when you use it inside…let it burn for an hour or two…big fire. https://www.homedepot.com/p/US-Stove

Water filters…always good to have on hand for family members who don’t live near you and your well. Can filter and purify river, lake or pond water...They’re great. I have several dozen. http://www.homespunenvironmental.com/Kits_s/34.htm

Rocket stoves work great…Good selection at http://www.ebay.com OR make one yourself https://www.youtube.com