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How To Measure Static Water Level

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From Our FAQ Page: How Deep Will The EZ Well Hand Pump Work? Well depth is not important. It's the static water level in your well pipe that is important (from ground level down to water in your well pipe). My system is recommended to 125' to 135' static water level or less. The piston itself needs to be about 15' to 20' below the water depth (Static Water Level) depending on your well pipe size. Example: my well is 350' deep but my water level is only 37' from the surface. Questions About This...Call Me 1-409-554-3628 John Tatman

How to find your static well water level.

Here is what you'll need. A small plastic fishing bobber. They are normally red on bottom & white on top. (Wal Mart, fishing dept), you'll need a large washer, next get some nylon twine/string, (not too thick) start with 100 ft. (you might need more for your well) Now you are going fishing...so to speak. :-)
Tie the washer to the end of the twine/string. Next tie the bobber about 6 inches to a foot above the weight. Now lower that down your well opening...the bobber will float when it hits water and go slack...you should feel it get lighter...(Make Sure It Is Hitting Water...bob it up and down rather quickly , you should hear a blooping sound as the fishing float hits the water) then pull it tight to take out the slack...mark it at top of well opening by pinching a piece of tape around the twine...pull the fishing bobber out...lay twine/string on the the ground and measure. That is your static water level. 

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