NOTE: How To Determine Which Kit To Order

Your Total Well Depth IS NOT IMPORTANT

The Water Level In Your Well Pipe IS Important...This Is Called Static Water Level.

Our pump piston works down to a depth of 150' or 125' Static Water Level. The piston itself needs to be about 20' to 25' below the water depth (Static Water Level) in your well pipe.

With That In Mind, If You Have A Static Water Level Of 75', Order The 100' Kit.

To find your Static Water Level In Your Well Pipe,

Here is what you'll need. A large fishing bobber. They are normally red on bottom & white on top. (Wal Mart, fishing dept), you'll need a large washer, next get some twine/string, (not too thick) say 100 ft. Now you are going to speak. :-)
Tie the washer to the end of the twine/string. Next tie the bobber about 6 inches to a foot above the weight. Now lower that down your well opening...the bobber will float when it hits water and go should feel it get lighter...(Make Sure It Is Hitting Water...bob it up and down rather quickly , you should hear a blooping sound as the fishing float hits the water) then pull it tight to take out the slack...mark it at top of well opening by pinching a piece of tape around the twine...pull the fishing bobber out...lay twine/string on the the ground and measure. That is your static water level.