EZ   Emergency Well Hand Pump, Hand Pump, Well Hand, Pump, Well Pump For Emergency Use For Your Family When The Lights Go Out.


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For Security & Discreet Concealment From Prying Eyes.

For Your Convenience, I'll Even Send You All The Necessary Fittings For Your Security Pump Handle At No Charge To You

Read About Our "ONE OF A KIND" High Pressure

And Easy Pumping Check Valve Below




Emergency Well Hand Pump for Deep Water, Hand DIY Pump For Emergency Use.

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Emergency Well Hand Pump



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The Original Emergency EZ Well Hand Pump Since 2006... Accept No Imitations


 Over 250 Sold On eBay And Over 1,000 Sold Nationwide In The Last 12 Months



Will Your Family Have CLEAN & SAFE Drinking Water When The Lights Go Out ? If Not...

Now Would Be A Good Time To Get Started.




If You Are Looking For A Tough & Reliable  Emergency Deep or Shallow Emergency Well Hand Pump   For 1/4 The Price Of Other Hand Pumps On The Market... Read On...


It's Not As Rustic As Old Fashioned Hand Pumps, But It Does The Same Job, It Pumps Water  And Plenty Of It 



You Can Build A High Pressure Pump Just Like Mine For Under $250


Pumps Water From 150' Deep, 

 *If Your Static Water Level In Your Well Pipe Is 150' Or Less, My Emergency Well Hand Pump System Is The Perfect Solution 

Your Actual Total Well Depth Is Not Important.



You've Been Shopping For A Emergency Well Hand Pump For An Emergency Water Supply, You've Seen The Prices... Yes, They Are High!

You Don't Have To Pay $800 To $1,200 For Emergency Hand Pumps.

I'll show you "STEP BY STEP" how to BUILD YOUR OWN HIGH PRESSURE Emergency Well Hand Pump and you'll

 I'll include A List Of The PVC Pipe & fittings that you'll need to build your complete Emergency Well Hand Pump, from the hand pump handle down. I'll show you with close up photos and detailed description of what to do from start to finish. It's Very Easy To Assemble And Install, 

 We Are Available By Phone The Day You Install Your New Emergency Well Hand Pump. Just In Case You Have Questions.


Here Are The Only Tools You'll Need




You Will Also Need A DEEP Emergency Well Hand Pump Cylinder

It's Simple: We Supply You The MOST IMPORTANT Part Of Any Pump. Our State Of The Art  HIGH PRESSURE Emergency Well Hand Pump Cylinder For Just $179 & I'll Even Pay Shipping.

Then You'll Spend Between $30 to $50 For PVC Pipe & Fittings At Home Depot And You Can Build A Tough Reliable Emergency Well Hand Pump In Under 2 Hours For LESS THAN $250.


My Goal: I Simply Want You To Get A Tough And Reliable Emergency Emergency Well Hand Pump For Your Family As Cheap as possible.


Video Of My High Pressure Pump Piston In Action. See How High The Water Goes.



Here's an example of what an average Emergency Well Hand Pump would cost:

Say you have a well with a 40' static water level. Here's what you'll need for a "ready to use" hand pump in your well.

The cost of our hand pump piston is $179 and is about 4' long: You'll need the foot valve to be at least 25' below your 40' static water level. So with that in mind, you need a total of 60' of PVC piping at a cost of approx .52 cents a foot at Home Depot...that's about $31.00, then you'll need the fittings. This should be around a max of $15.

So the total cost of your "ready to use" well hand pump is $179+$31+$15=$225         Only $225 for a complete hand pump in your well.


** Our "Less Than $250" Advertisement Is based on an average 75' static well water level (how deep to reach water in your well pipe) and 100' total pump depth. Your Emergency Well Hand Pump could cost a few dollars more or even a lot less, depending on the PVC piping required for your well.


I personally guarantee you will be most pleased

with your new E-Z Water Emergency Well Hand Pump System.

Why Would You Want An Emergency Hand Pump In Your Well? Here's Why...

I know from a very personal experience that one should never depend on city water or the electric company. In 2005 after Hurricane Rita hit the Texas Gulf coast, we were without electricity for 6 full weeks and a sporadic drinking water supply. Believe me, it is not fun standing in a long line in the sweltering heat of summer trying to get a few bottles of clean drinking water for your family. I vowed then and there to make sure my family was never in that dangerous and possibly life threatening situation again, so I did something about it.

 After Our Ordeal With Hurricane Rita and after my 350' deep well was ready. I started looking for a Emergency Well Hand Pump to buy. I couldn't find one for under $800 to $1,200. There had to be a better way. So I went to work and after 3 months of testing various piston designs, I came up with the best combination for a deep Emergency Well Hand Pump piston. I don't know about you, but I wanted a fairly high volume flow with no maintenance and absolutely no worry about reliability. Plus I wasn't about to pull the whole pump out of my well after 5 or so years, just to change leather piston cups. IT'S SIMPLE, I needed a pump to pump water, EVERY TIME I need it to pump water, even 20 years from now.

 This is my E-Z Water Well Hand Pump that I built after Hurricane Rita in 2006 and it's still going strong after all this time. Notice the high flow. It really pumps up the water due to my improved pump piston...Expect around 5 GPM (it'll do more, but that's all I advertise) depending on your pumping speed and your well recovery rate. Personally, I just take my time. Why rush?

 In Addition To Hurricanes and other natural earth disasters that could cut off our electricity and water supply, I'm also concerned about the Solar Storms NASA scientists are predicting for 2013 with massive blackouts possible across the nation. I'm not one to listen to all the Apocalypse predictions, but when NASA scientists are predicting Major Solar Storms may be coming soon...I listen and prepare. Read more about it at their website.

John Tatman, E-Z Water Well Hand Pumps.com



 Our Hand Pump Piston Is Totally MAINTENANCE FREE - NO Leather Piston Cups To Wear Out Or Rot And 100% FREEZE PROOF 


Our E-Z Water Hand Pump Piston has a slim profile of under 2" The Pump Cylinder is approximately 4' long and can fit easily into a 2" well casing, or into a 4" or 6" well casing along with your existing submersible pump. The E-Z Pump System will pump around 5 gallons per minute, at a moderate pumping rate. This will depend on your pumping speed and your well recovery rate.


The Piston Is The Most IMPORTANT Part Of Any Hand Pump. Ours has state of the art design with no leather piston cups to wear out or rot in just a few years.  Our Pump Piston gives you a lifetime of reliable and maintenance free service. Drop it in your deep well and forget about it until you need it...even 20 years from now.

Our One Of A Kind High Pressure Check Valve

The Check Valve Sits Inside The Piston Outer Casing And Is The Most Important "Working" Part Of The Piston. It Controls Ease Of Pumping & Water Flow.

WE Don't Use Off The Shelf Check Valves in Our Piston

The opening intake hole is much too small to allow sufficient water flow. Yes they work, but they are much harder to pump and you get less water per stroke.

Our High Pressure Check Valve Is Custom Made In Our Shop...  Not Off The Shelf

It Is Designed For Maximum Flow Up To The Pump Handle Outlet, Which Means MUCH EASIER Pumping And  More Water Per Stroke. Plus It's Totally Maintenance Free!



 The Foot Valve is Solid Brass with a solid brass poppet and heavy duty neoprene 'O' ring as the seal and a stainless steel strainer. It will last forever!




E-Z Water Well Emergency Well Hand Pump Cylinder - Only $179


What If I Don't Want To Install Right Away? That's Okay. In fact, about 50% of our customers don't install their pump right away. They get all the necessary piping, fittings and PVC cement along with our detailed instructions and simply store everything for an emergency.


Order Today...I'll guide you from start to finish in the assembly and installation of your new E-Z pump system.

John Tatman, E-Z Water Well Hand Pump.com



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Will Your Family Have CLEAN & SAFE Drinking Water When The Lights Go Out ? If Not...

Now Would Be A Good Time To Get Started.

Order Below,  Today!


NOTE: At My Low Price Of $179, Many Of My Customers Are Ordering 2 Pump Pistons. One For Themselves And One For A Family Member, Or To Use For Bartering.

A Well Pump Piston Will Be Worth It's Weight In Gold For Bartering In An Emergency Situation.


 CONTACT US Email Our Help Desk If you Have A Question.  One Of Our Tech People Will Get Right Back To You. If you need a call back, include your name, number and best time to call.


 Over 250 Sold On eBay And Over 1,000 Sold Nationwide In The Last 12 Months


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 E-Z Well Emergency Well Hand Pump Cylinder - Only $179

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